Getting rid of Kidney Stones

Getting rid of kidney stones with the right home remedies

Getting rid of Kidney StonesKidney stones can be quite painful and people suffering from these suffer a lot. It is possible to treat these with the right treatment. There are certain getting rid of kidney stones that are effectual as well as affordable.

What exactly are kidney stones?

Deposits of organic substance or mineral substances that get accumulated in the kidneys result in kidney stones. Some of the stones are as big as the size of a pea and even much bigger. People suffering from kidney stones are generally between the ages of twenty and forty.

Getting rid of kidney stones by adopting simple steps

It is possible to eliminate kidney stones, provided simple steps like changes in diet and lifestyle, drinking lots of water, eating lots of fresh fruits and vegetables are followed. The simplest of home remedies are to drink lots and lots of water so that the stones are washed away. Beverages that do not contain oxalates are ideal. Try avoiding fruits and vegetables that contain Vitamin C. Refrain from taking excess of vitamin supplements and protein supplements as it will leVitamin-Cad to formation of kidney stones.

Cut down on your meat intake as excess meat consumption will lead to formation of stones. Citrus fruits contain vitamin C and if it is taken in excess could lead
to formation of kidney stones. Make sure to include fibre containing fruits and vegetables as it will help wash out the kidney stones from the body. Wholewheat products like breads contain minerals and magnesium that helps eliminate stones from kidneys. The nettle leaf helps in eliminating stones from the urine. Nettles help in maintaining the electrolyte balance. Pomegranate stones both sour and sweet are effectual in eliminating kidney stones. The grounded paste of the seeds is used for dissolving the stones. You may also prepare a soup out of this paste by adding horse gram powder.

The symptoms associated with presence of kidney stones include blood in urine, chills, fever, testicle and groin pain, abdominal pain and so on. Eliminating kidney stones can be quite a painful affair and at times it is as painful as childbirth. It is not necessary to go in for an operation.

Other home remedies for kidney stones include mixing honey and basil leaf juice and having it first thing in the morning. This home method has proven to be very effective in flushing out the kidney stones from the body. Celery juice also restricts stone formation. Cider juice or fresh apple juice is a superb home remedy for eliminating problems of kidney stones. Grapes possess diuretic properties and are high in potassium content and low on albumin and sodium chloride. These are very effective for a healthy kidney. Watermelon as well as watermelon seeds have rich water content and potassium content and serve as an effectual diuretic.

Tomato juice with pepper and salt also help in maintaining a healthy kidney. Radish leaves are effective home remedy for eliminating kidney stones. It has also been proven that figs boiled in water help in washing down kidney stones.

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